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Lamoxias® Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Volume: 600ml (Bottle)
Scent: Pine

Deodorize Leave with Fragrance

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Powerful Stains Remover Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clean toilets are immensely important for personal hygiene as well as health because toilets are the primary place for germs and bacteria buildup. It is the main source for the contamination of pathogens and various diseases. Therefore, cleaning and sanitizing the toilets must become a common ritual. However, it is also important to know what you can do to keep the toilets clean and prevent the accumulation of germs and microorganisms that cause alignments.

For this purpose, the Lamoxias toilet cleaner has proven to be a great option. It has great stain removal properties as well as a 99.9% sterilization rate by its powerful decontamination factor. The strong formula does not cause the abrasion of the porcelain and disrupt the original color and shine but keeps the toilet clean and fresh-looking. The antibacterial properties of this toilet cleaner help suppress the bacterial heap. The amazing deodorization component eliminates the odorants and keeps the toilet smelling pleasant and clean.

Volume: 600ML (Bottle)

Scent: Pine



99.9% Sterilization Rate

Deodorize & Odor Elimination

Stain Remover


Long Last Fragrance

Deeply Cleaner

Safe For Kids


Store Out Of Reach Of Children

Not For Swallow

Keep Away From Eye

Do Not Touch With Wet Hand

These types of pods’ appearance and the packaging design may have the same appeal to a child as candy with patterned designs and some children have accidentally been exposed to the detergent inside the pacs. So be careful with your youngest family members. However, even though they are not intended to be consumed, Lamoxias® Laundry Capsule are actually non-toxic and safe for children!



Store Out Of Reach Of Children

Not For Swallow

Keep Away From Eye

Not suitable for non-ceramic, metal, and terrazzo material.

For top-notch results, do not mix it with any other chemicals.


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