Lamoxias® Scent Booster Floral Blossom


Introducing Lamoxias Scent Booster, the ultimate solution to elevate your laundry experience! Our scent booster is specially formulated to enhance the fragrance of your clothes and leave them smelling fresher for longer.


Fragrance: Floral Blossom
200g (7oz)

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12 weeks of freshness

complete freshness from wash till wear


By adding a scent booster to your laundry, infuse your clothes with long-lasting fragrance molecules that gradually release over time.

Allowing your laundry to maintain a fresh scent for up to 12 weeks.




All types of clothing

Even if you’re dressing up or down!


Indulge in our unique blend of floral blossom scent.
Enhance the allure of your clothing, whether you’re dressing up to impress or dressing down to relax.
Our scent booster also doubles as a softener, to keep your wear soft and comfortable to wear.





Control the scent

pour a little or pour a lot, it’s up to you!

Tailor the scent to your preference.
Something light and faint, or intense and bold.
The smell never gets old.





Easy as 1, 2, 3

just pour it directly into the washing machine

Our scent booster is compatible with all washing machines and incredibly easy to use,
simply add to your laundry load and enjoy the long-lasting fragrance in just 1, 2, 3.

*Do not put the scent booster beads into any drawers, it is only intended for use in the washing machine.

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