Lamoxias® Lemon Fresh Floor Cleaner Bundle of 2


Volume:1.4L (Bottle)
Scent: Lemon Fresh

Keeping a house clean is as essential as keeping yourself clean

The foremost basic step of keeping the house and your environment hygienic and tidy is by having clean floors. Clean floors positively impact the mind and create an atmosphere of neatness. Not only do these clean floors prevent the accumulation of several germs, bacteria, and dirt that affects the health because most of the time we are directly exposed to the surroundings we live in. All of this ultimately enhances sanitation and adds to productivity.

Floor cleaning does not have to be difficult and complicated for this, the Lamoxias floor cleaner is the best and most effective one. The Lamoxias floor cleaner has been formulated with distinctive brightening factors as well as surfactants and fungicides that make sure you attain a shiny and fresh-smelling floor. Besides, it removes the stain effectively. This floor cleaner is not bound to clean any specific surface but is safe for any flooring regardless of the material such as tile floor, wooden floor, Rubber floor, Granite floor, and Marble Floor.

It has strong decontaminating agents and a quick-drying formula that does not leave the floor damp for a long time. The lasting fragrance helps in eradicating the unnecessary odor. It ultimately rejuvenates the appearance of dull and worn-out floors. If you need a floor cleaner that is the best with the quality and affordability and you can use it in all the rooms of your house then, the Lamoxias floor cleaner is the top choice.

Volume: 2.0L (Bottle)

Scent: Fresh Lemon


  • Excellent for everyday dirt and germ clean-up.
  • Effectively kills common pathogens.
  • The quick-drying formula prevents slipping after mop.
  • Brightening factors do not dull the flooring.
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Brighter floor after every use
  • The formula does not include phosphorus and other heavy metals




Non Sticky

Residue Free

Easily Neutralizes The Contaminants



Store Out Of Reach Of Children

Not For Swallow

Keep Away From Eye

Do Not Touch With Wet Hand


Step 01

Pour 1 cap of the product into water.
(about 5 litres)

Step 02

Mop it directly with cloth or mop after soaking.
(no need rinse with water)

Step 03

For stubborn stains, add liquid and rub it directly.


Store Out Of Reach Of Children

Not For Swallow

Keep Away From Eye


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