Lamoxias® Against Covid 3 in 1 Bundle


Bundle Sets:
Snow Love Plant Based 5 In 1 Laundry Capsule, Lemon Fresh Floor Cleaner, Green Tea Dishwashing Liquid

5 In 1 Antibacterial Laundry Capsules – 99.9% Antibacterial

Green Tea Dishwashing Liquid
Wash away 99.9% bacteria to keep utensils clean and healthy

Fresh Lemon Floor Cleaner
Effectively kills common pathogens


Store Out Of Reach Of Children

Not For Swallow

Keep Away From Eye

Do Not Touch With Wet Hand

These types of pods’ appearance and the packaging design may have the same appeal to a child as candy with patterned designs and some children have accidentally been exposed to the detergent inside the pacs. So be careful with your youngest family members. However, even though they are not intended to be consumed, Lamoxias® Laundry Capsule are actually non-toxic and safe for children!


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