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How To Use Laundry Capsules?

Use laundry pods right so you don’t ruin your clothes. 3 simple steps. Get easier with Lamoxias® Laundry Capsule.

Step 01

Toss The Pod

Take the pod out of the package with your hands dry & toss it into the washer’s drum. Do not put pods in a dispenser.

It’s very important to remember to put the pod before you put your clothes in the washer, or the detergent might not dissolve correctly.

Step 02

Load Clothes

Use 1 Pod for smaller load (less than 6kg) and 2 pods for larger loads (more than 6kg and less than 10kg).

Step 03

Start It

Start to wash your clothes on your desired washing cycle. Any temperature or duration will work perfectly.

Most laundry detergent pods are actually designed to dissolve in any temperature water.


These types of pods’ appearance and the packaging design may have the same appeal to a child as candy with patterned designs and some children have accidentally been exposed to the detergent inside the pacs. So be careful with your youngest family members. However, even though they are not intended to be consumed, Lamoxias® Laundry Capsule are actually non-toxic and safe for children!

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